About us

Anzotica Cosmetics d.o.o. is a Croatian company founded in 2016.

The name of our company comes from the Illyrian goddesses of beauty Anzotica, which is communicating the main goal of our company and our products, cosmetics that will emphasize your divine beauty.
Behind the research, development, production and analysis of our products stands a professional team consisting of master of pharmacy, graduate chemistry engineers, graduate sanitary engineers, chemical technicians, security assessors and technologists.
The production of our products is made in a modern manufacturing facility and laboratory in Zagreb, which is in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The recognized quality of our products is also reflected in the award we received in the category of the best face creams from the expert jury of dermatologists, makeup artists and beauty editors for the product Moja Oaza face cream Collagen & Ceramides.


To be a positive change that changes Croatia.

Along with the highest standards in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, focused on listening to the needs of existing and potential customers, we will always offer our customers cosmetics tailored to their skin.



With the unstoppable development of high quality, natural and innovative cosmetic products that do not harm users and the environment, we strive to become the first choice of end-users, increase market share and reputation on domestic, but also successfully penetrate new markets within and outside the EU.



Our products are a safe choice for our users, as they contain only safe and allowed ingredients of exceptional quality, which have proven skin care action or help combat premature skin aging signs, of which specially valued are cold pressed vegetable oils, natural waxes, extracts and active substances of natural origin. In addition, our products are not tested on animals, and some are suitable for vegans. We can proudly say that our brands are top Croatian products!