Moja Oaza (My Oasis) is a place where all those who believe in the power of nature, supported by innovative technology, can find something for themselves, their external beauty, and a natural and sleek look. We believe in the fact that there are natural solutions for skin care and by believing that we have found them, we also offer them unselfly to our customers. When developing our formulations, we always start from scratch, carefully thinking and looking for a specific solution of a specific skin care problem. By using knowledge and experience in the field of science and benefits of herbs on human health, we find a solution to every problem that already exists in the nature and is within the reach od our hands.


Muyao (read Miyao) is a new type of shea butter.
HRK 99.90


This extremely gentle face cleansing gel looks like honey but is transformed into a milky emulsion when adding water.
HRK 94.90

Zen Face Serum (30 ml)

Natural serum for sensitive, reactive and problematic skin.
HRK 84.90

Face Cream Collagen & Ceramides (50 ml)

Daily face cream, rich but quick-absorbing silky texture, provides skin protection throughout the day, deeply nourishes and hydrates.
HRK 89.90

Face Cream for Acne Prone Skin (30 ml)

Specially formulated for the skin care prone to acne.
HRK 79.90

Hand Cream Jojoba & Marigold (50 ml)

Extremely rich in texture, quickly absorbs, leaves no greasy traces and gives the skin all the necessary care.
HRK 54.90

Lip Balm Coconut (7 g)

Rich, nutritious, long-lasting and protective for sensitive lips.
HRK 39.90

Moja oaza Gift Package

Looking for an ideal birthday gift, or gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day? Give the person you love a natural skin care that makes a difference. Your loved ones deserve the best care, no matter what the occasion.
HRK 130.00 HRK 99.00

Anti-Cellulite Gel (200 ml)

Against the appearance of orange peel, instantly gives a feeling of tightness and an improved skin toning appearance, and it quickly absorbs.
HRK 149.90

Super Mama Balm (15 ml)

For nursing mothers specially formulated for care and protection of sensitive nipples.
HRK 44.90